Everton Free School

Everton Football Club is the first Premier League team to receive government approval to open a Free School and did just that in September 2012.

Everton Free School uses the power of football to motivate and incentivise disenfranchised young people aged between 14-19 years to re-engage with education through an alternative form of learning.

The School reaches out to those who, for whatever reason, have been excluded or are in danger of exclusion, and have become disengaged or disillusioned with mainstream education.

Everton Free School complements the work of the Club’s official award-winning charity, Everton in the Community, and enjoys a close relationship with the Club, by utilising the extensive range of knowledge, opportunity and resource that surrounds a Premier League team.

The Free School is Government funded and run by the Blues’ charity - which boasts senior practitioners from the full range of educational provision - and will work with existing educational providers in the city.

With the full support of the Local Education Authority, Everton Free School engages students with a new innovative approach to educational provision backed by the brand and values of Everton Football Club, which are already firmly embedded within the community scheme.

The School, which is located across four city sites - including a facility on Spellpw Lane - has seen over 100 young people study core GCSE subjects, intwertwined with alternative provision, peronalised learning, as well as BTEC qualifications as part of the School's 'Sport Education Partnership Programme.'

A further achievement, the Scholl was described as being "good with outsatnding leadership" in a recent Ofsted report.

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